Exam cancelled at Bengal school after scuffle over wearing of hijab, namabali.

An ongoing examination was cancelled at a government-school in West Bengal’s Howrah district following a scuffle between two groups of students over wearing of hijab or headscarf and namabali. Some students demanded they be allowed to wear the namabali when another groups of girls came to the school wearing hijab.

Police were called to deal with the situation when an altercation between the two student groups snowballed into the scuffle. No complaint was lodged and none was injured.

“The pre-board exams were going on Monday when some students went to the school wearing hijab. Seeing them, another group of students demanded that they be allowed to wear namabali. The school authorities diffused the tension by asking students to follow the dress code,” said a police officer.

On Tuesday, the girls again arrived in the school wearing hijab and triggered the scuffle. “The school authorities informed police. The police did not enter the school first as it was an internal matter. But later officers of the local police station went inside to bring the situation under control,” said the officer.

The exams were cancelled and police dropped the students involved in the scuffle home. “The school authorities, guardians, police, the local block administration and the district inspector of schools will discuss the matter and take a decision [on Saturday],” said the officer.

In February, at least 18 people were arrested for attacking staff of a school in Murshidabad over reports that the headmaster asked some students to wear the school uniform instead of hijab.

A government health worker’s superior allegedly repeatedly harassed her for wearing hijab on duty earlier this year in Malda.

Source- Hindustan Times.


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