Dubai man hands out resume with chocolate bar and note at traffic signals. Here’s why.

Almost all of us have gone through the tedious task of hunting for a job. From updating cover letters according to the particular job to sending them to employers and grabbing an interview, the entire process can be quite intimidating. So, when a man named Nawar Moukhalalati from Dubai failed to find a job on an online employment platform, he thought of a creative way to attract the attention of employers. Guess what Moukhalalati did? Well, he started handing out his resume with a chocolate bar and a note at traffic signals in Dubai. The note stapled to the resume read, “I will be grateful to you if you help me to get a job. I wish you a beautiful day full of love and happiness.” It also mentioned his name and phone number.

“After I failed to get a job on Linkedin, I started distributing my CV to people on the signals in Dubai,” he wrote on LinkedIn while attaching a picture. In his resume, Nawar Moukhalalati lists his past job experiences as a sales officer and salesman in various offices. He also stated that he has received education from Al Zarqa University and knows two languages- Arabic and English. This interesting and unique approach has attracted many eyeballs and is sure to impress you.

Take a look at his LinkedIn post below:

A screengrab of Nawar Moukhalalati's LinkedIn post. (LinkedIn/Nawar M.)
A screengrab of Nawar Moukhalalati’s LinkedIn post. (LinkedIn/Nawar M.)

The LinkedIn post was shared a day ago and has since received over 300 reactions and several comments. Many also posted their thoughts in the comments.

“All the best! Sure that you’re determination will pay off!” posted an individual. “I wish you a good luck Nawar and all the best,” wrote another. “All the best mate, I’m sure there is a really good job for you out there!!” expressed a third. “It’s alright, we were all there at least once 🙂 but this is a brilliant idea I’m inspired,” commented a fourth.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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