Remarkable participation of Expatriate community in Environmental Protection & Beach Cleaning Campaign led by Kuwait Malayalikal & Kuwait Exo Warriors.

The wide participation of the expatriate community was witnessed during the Environmental Protection Awareness Drive & Beach Cleaning Campaign jointly organized by Kuwait Malayalikal Group and Eco Warriors Kuwait. The campaign was held on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, at Doha Beach near Doha Old Shipyard and was remarkable with the participation of more than two hundred friends, including children and women from India. The participants shared the joy of being able to reflect their gratitude to the State of Kuwait for at least one time during their stay in Kuwait. Yusuf Al Shatti, founder of Trash Heroes Kuwait and prominent environmental activist, praised the initiative on his Instagram who tweeted in Arabic as follows – Those who criticize expatriates should take a closer look at the activities of the Kuwait Malayalikal Group and the Eco Warriors – and it became a discussion among the citizens. Members flocked in from different places of Kuwait, from Mina Abdullah to Jahra, with their pledge to protect the environment.

After the hardworking task which lasted from 7.00 – 9.30 pm on Friday, 30th September 2022, it was possible to collect more than 250 large bags of various types of waste, majority of which where plastic, which pose a challenge to the environment. Naushad Restaurant Farwaniya arranged breakfast for the members. Kuwait Eco Warriors President Shri. Priyadarshan gave an awareness speech for the members on the necessity to preserve our environment. Mr. Shahul Hameed, the patron of the Kuwait Malayalikal Group welcomed the members and President Mr. George Cherian expressed his gratitude for the huge participation. Program Convenor Mr. Shameer Rahim, Mr. Jijo Jacob, Mr. Roshan Thomas, Mr. Arun Sivankutty, Mr. Shinoy Joseph etc. led the arrangements for the event.


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