‘Ballot as per voter address on Civil ID’.

The 2020 National Assembly received a total of 300 complaints and petitions against ministries and other public institutions — 220 complaints and 30 petitions, which were referred to the Complaints and Petitions Committee tasked to assess them and submit reports in this regard. This committee is one of the permanent committees formed in the first parliamentary term and the only parliamentary committee stipulated in the Constitution, particularly Article 115. This article states “the National Assembly shall, from among its annual committees, form a special commission to enquire into petitions and complaints submitted to it by citizens. The commission shall conduct inquiries with the quarters concerned and thereafter notify the petitioner of the result.

A member of the Assembly shall not be allowed to interfere in the activities of the Judiciary and of the Executive.” In the first year of its term, the Assembly received 80 complaints and petitions — 75 complaints and five petitions; while in the second year, it received 220 complaints and petitions — 195 complaints and 25 petitions. On March 30, 2021; the assembly received 66 complaints and petitions — 61 complaint and five petitions. On April 13, 2021; the Assembly looked into 14 complaints, while on Jan 4, 2022 it reviewed 156 complaints and 22 petitions. On Jan 18, 2022; the Assembly received and reviewed 14 complaints and two petitions, in addition to six complaints and two petitions on Feb 1, 2022.

Meanwhile, the decision on inviting interested citizens to run for the 2022 legislative election is expected to be issued during the Cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday. Sources said the elections will most likely be conducted based on the voter’s address in the civil identification card and as per the record of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). A decree on necessity is expected to be issued soon to approve voting according to the information recorded in the civil identification card, while the correction of data in the electoral rolls is ongoing to make sure they are identical with those stated in the civil identification card.

In another development, the Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of six candidates and organizers of primary elections; increasing the total number of individuals accused of involvement in such illegal activities to 15. Moreover, former Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim affirmed his father is in good health condition; denying rumors about the latter’s condition. He appealed to those spreading such rumors to respect the privacy of families and refrain from dragging family members into political disputes.

Source- Arab Times.


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