‘Snap, send to MoI’ – App eyed to report accidents.

The parliament’s Internal Affairs and Defense Committee has approved a proposal to create a smartphone application on the website of the Ministry of Interior, through which motorists can report minor traffic accidents by photographing the accident, entering the vehicle numbers associated with the accident, and receiving the accident report either by email or SMS, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In his proposal, MP Muhammad Al- Huwailah explained that the minor traffic accidents (without any cases of injuries) are one of the causes of traffic jams due to the insistence of the parties involved in the accident not to move their vehicles from their place until a patrol team arrives at the scene of the accident. The procedures for reporting accidents must be convenient.

It is also necessary to take advantage of the technological progress in the field of communications and the use of smartphones to report minor traffic accidents by photographing the accident, and receiving the report via email as is the case in many countries that use such a system.

This system will undoubtedly save a great deal of time and effort for the security authorities and stakeholders. It will also eliminate the problem of traffic congestion caused by minor traffic accidents by dealing with them according to the mechanism that requires the arrival of the traffic patrol team to the scene of the accident.

Source- Arab Times.


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