The yearlong Golden Jubilee Celebrations kick started in a colourful function at central School auditorium Abbasiya.  The event was formally inaugurated by Jamaat-e-Islami Kerala Ameer Janab M.I Abdul Aziz. During his inaugural speech the Ameer-e-Jamaet said that the Kerala Islamic Group is proud to have made significant contributions in the field of religious, social, cultural and charitable causes for half a century in Kuwait and the Golden Jubilee celebration will inspire them to work more. KIG marked their presence in Kuwait by engaging with various communities from different walks of life aiming to bridge the gap and make room for communal amity. He also said that this KIG model should be followed by society as a whole in the contemporary context of fascism that divides people. KIG is an Islamic model that opposes evil with good.

Faisal Manjery delivered the Condolence note and prayers on the passing away of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates.                                      

Marking the 50 years anniversary KIG president P.T. Shareef during his presidential address has announced various humanitarian projects including 50 houses as gifts from KIG.  Five drinking water schemes, two clinics, annual education assistance for 50 orphans, employment equipment for 50 people, 50 wheelchairs, 50 gifts to social workers were also announced. The Golden Jubilee will feature more than 50 events, including All Kuwait Quran Recitation Competition, a Golden Jubilee Souvenir, documentary film, sports events, a get together event back home in Kerala of the Ex-Kuwait KIG members, a photography competition and an exhibition of 50 selected photos, he explained.

Media One News Editor S.A. Ajims during his speech has said that the fascists were preparing the ground for genocide through false propaganda and that the country would have to pay a heavy price if it did not prevent it in the best possible way.

The Golden Jubilee logo was unveiled by Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Osama Al Shaheen. Abdullah Haider, Mubarak Al Muttawa,   KIG Former Presidents Zakir Hussain Tuvvoor, Faisal Manjeri, President of the Islamic Women’s Association, (women’s wing of KIG) Mehbooba Anees delivered felicitations. Prominent Thinker and writer KEN, KIG. Former Presidents P.K. Jamal, N.K. Ahmad, K.A. Zubair addressed the meeting online.

A video on KIG’s major activities during the past 50 years were presented during the function.

Dr. Mathews Varghese, a prominent figure in the socio-cultural business field; Khalil Adoor, Abbey Varrickad, Apsara Mahmood, Dr. Ramesh Anandadas, Ibrahim Kunnil, Subair Musliarakat, Babuji Bathery, Mohammad Haris Lulu, Krishnan Kadalundi, Mahabooba Anees, Asha Daulat, Sajeev Narayanan, Mustafa Quality foods, Malabar Gold Country Head Afsal Khan, Ghalib Mashhoor Thangal, Hamza Payyanoor, Sharafadheen Kanneth, Basheer Batha, Aniyankunju, Siddique Valiyakathu, Sathar Kunnil, Shabeer Friday Forum, VP Mukesh, Anwar Saeed, Osama Abdul Razzaq, N.P. Abdul Razzaq and others participated.  Earlier the function started with recitation of versus and translation from Quran by Manaf Purakkad, KIG President Shareef PT presided over the function, General Secretary Feroz Hameed welcomed the audience and Shafi PT. Proposed the vote of Thanks.


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