INDIAN SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE, KUWAIT Parent Orientation and First Day of School.

New Academic year comes with a lot of hopes, happiness, expectations and many more mixed emotions for the students, parents and teachers. One common factor that everyone wants is the well-being of the students. In pursuit of the same, Indian School of Excellence Kuwait, conducted the Parent Orientation virtually on 29th March 2022 for the students and parents to familiarize them with the upcoming new academic session.

During the Orientation the Parents were given more information about what to expect in the upcoming weeks. Director of Indian School of Excellence Kuwait, Mrs. Sherly Dennis addressed the parents, emphasizing on their active involvement in the upbringing of their wards, on active synergy among the parents and teachers to impart holistic education for the development of the child. She guided the parents with her wisdom not only as the Head of an Institution but also from her own experiences as a parent. She encapsulated the persistent work of the teachers for the well-being of the students and the value of positive and effective parenting tips to the parents in monitoring and nurturing their children’s progress. She insisted parents on spending quality time with their children to say ‘I love you’, ‘You are smart’ and to show their compassion towards the children. They were also familiarized with the Web portal they will be using through the year to communicate with the school.

The academic year 2022-23 started on 10th April 2022 for LKG Students at Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait with excitement for parents to see their children’s classes and for the children to be able to use the new bags, books ,water bottles and most importantly make new friends.

Parents were allowed for the first time to come to the classes and drop the children off. The moment was extremely emotional for parents as they were seeing their children step into their new lives. Whereas for the children it was the first time they were going to be independent.

The first day of school was loaded with games like Follow the Leader, Simon Says, singing Rhymes and dancing on the kids favourite action songs to keep them active and engaged positively. The day flew by while the teachers made sure all the students had fun in the class while interacting with the new friends, getting accustomed to the new surroundings and having fun.

The enthusiasm and love of the students, and most importantly the trust of parents will continue to thrive in the classrooms with a lot more fun-filled, creative activities to educate the amazing students.


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