IMA Kuwait Conducts An Iftar Party For The Indian Dignitaries.

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait conducted an Iftar meet on 13th April 2022 in Rajdhani Palace Khaitan where a large number of the dignitaries, businessmen, academicians and different well known prime personalities from different sections of the Indian diaspora living in Kuwait, participated in the program and appreciated the tremendous efforts being carried out by IMA Kuwait in the field of social services and human welfare along with the cultural and religious activities among the Indians and other fellow citizens in Kuwait.
Dr Raziul Islam Nadvi, an author of more than 100 books & articles written & published in different journals in India and across the sub-continent, participated in this Iftar meet as a chief guest, delivered his thought provoking speech on the current issues, situations and their challenges in today’s date.
IMA Kuwait, a registered association in Ministry of Awkaf and Islamic affairs and Indian Embassy in Kuwait also, conducts Iftar on daily basis in the holy month of Ramadan at different places and locations in Kuwait where hundreds of people from common citizens to the poor and needy people get benefitted directly. Apart from this IMA Kuwait organizes multi religious Iftar meet as well under the interfaith program in Kuwait where IMA Kuwait invites people from different cultural and religious background by sending among them ,the importance message of Ramadan and Islam to mankind.
The Iftar Program started on time with the  recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr Faheem Shareef. The convener Mr Jafar Sadiq welcomed the dignitaries and the other audiences attending the program, on behalf of IMA Kuwait. Different questions on topic  “ The Issues In Current Situation And Its Challenges” were asked by the participants and attendees and their answers were given by the chief guest after his speech. The whole program was covered & telecasted by Kuwait TV 2 as well. The whole program recording on KTV 2 is available on this you tube link.
Finally the program came to end with the concluding remarks by the IMA President Mr Shamvil Pervez who thanked the participants in program, and prayed to Allah the Almighty to shower His blessing upon all and reward them in this life and also in life hereafter.
IMA Kuwait is an Indian socio-religious organization in Kuwait which carries out its various activities under the patronage of “Ministry of Awqaaf” & “Islamic Affairs”, Kuwait and Embassy of India in Kuwait. IMA always focusses to provide platform for enhancement of expatriates living in Kuwait for their spiritual & social aspect through various programs & webinars. It looks forward for organizing various beneficial programs in future, considering the occasions and requirements of expatriates in general and specifically Indian community.

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