“ISLAM means Peace. Every Muslim’s motto should be to maintain Peace and spread peace all over world”. This was opening remark made by the guest of honor Mr Shaikh Abdullah Al-Hudaib, a renowned scholar of Kuwait & Representative of Social Reform Society, attending the Interfaith Iftar Program conducted by Indian Muslim Association Kuwait (IMA) Kuwait in Rajdhani Palace on Friday dated 22nd of April 2022.
Other guest of honors who attended the program were Mr. Yusuf AL- Shuwaib – Manager Communities Section and Mr. Mohammed Ali from Ministry of Awkaf and Islamic Affairs.
Apart from this we had Non-Arab Chief Guests who honored and obliged us by their gracious presence in program, were the CEO of City Group Mr. Dheeraj Bharadwaj, Dr. Amir Ahmed – President IDF, Dr. Navjot Kaur-Behavioral Counselor & Psychotherapist, Mr. Sai Subba Roa – President Telegu Kala Samiti and many other dignitaries from major Indian Associations & organizations in Kuwait attended this program.
“Why do we fast in the month of Ramadan?” Br. Sharfuddin Soofi, Acting President of IMA Kuwait, started his PPT “The Message of Ramadan” highlighting the importance of Ramadan and the Holy Quran.
He emphasized that it was due to revelation of The Holy Quran in the month of Ramadan on Our beloved Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, for the guidance for the entire mankind and the humanity. He further threw light in detail on important topics like the purpose of creation, the purpose of our life on this earth. He further elaborated how Quran can guide us in strengthening our relationship with our creator.  
While speaking on the occasion, Dr. Navjot Kaur, a guest speaker, said she admires Muslim’s rich culture, appreciated the activities of IMA and proud to be associated with IMA and ended her speech with beautiful Hindi Poem. 
Dr. Amir Ahmed, the president of the Indian Doctors Forum Kuwait, also appreciated the IMA Kuwait and its activities, he shared some good points about Fasting, Zakath and ended his speech also with beautiful poem in Urdu.
Mr. Sai Subba Roa – President Telegu Kala Samiti, emphasized on the importance of unity in diversity which helps the people in building communal harmony in a multi-cultural society.
Mr. Dheeraj Bharadwaj, the CEO of City Group and one of our guests of honor, spoke about the welfare of community, how to live together & learn together, to gain knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of future.
 In general, all the dignitaries appreciated the social, religious and cultural activities being carried out by IMA Kuwait among the Muslims as well as non-Muslims living in Kuwait.
Mr. Nisar Ahmad, one of the key speakers in the program, gave a PPT presentation on “In Search of Truth”. He spoke about Man’s inquisitiveness and quest for Knowledge and said that God created trillions of creatures in this Universe, but Human Being is a unique and different creature from other ones. Man has analytical brain to understand the truth of creation. He has clear intention to understand and accept the truth. He has been blessed with an ability to learn through observations.  At the end he interacted with audiences by asking some questions like who created this universe? Why do we exist? What is the purpose of our life? Why has God created us? 
Mr. Arshad Habib, General Secretary IMA Kuwait presided over the function. The program commenced with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and is convened and moderated by Mr. Parvez Hanif who gave a brief introduction of IMA –Kuwait in the beginning of the program.
The program came to an end with a question-and-answer Quiz session and beautiful gifts were presented to the winners.  Mr. Jaffer Sadiq, Joint Secretary IMA presented vote of thanks. The program ended with dinner.
IMA Kuwait is an Indian socio-religious organization in Kuwait which carries out its various activities under the patronage of “Ministry of Awqaaf” & “Islamic Affairs”, Kuwait and Indian Embassy. IMA always focusses to provide platform for enhancement of expatriates living in Kuwait for their spiritual & social aspect through various programs & webinars. It looks forward for organizing various beneficial programs in future, considering the occasions and requirements of expatriates in general and specifically Indian community.

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