Big rush of returning travelers; Struggle to tackle airport traffic.

Kuwait International Airport has regained its tireless movement, coinciding with the return of travelers who spent the national holidays outside the country, especially in the most popular Arab and European capitals, reports Al-Qabas daily. The agencies operating at the airport have been exerting tremendous efforts to manage the movement of outbound and inbound passengers, marking the end of the long National Day holidays.

Kuwaitis and expatriates returning after the long holidays spent abroad.

The daily kept pace with the movement of flights. The total number of flights that went through the airport reached about 278. About 140 flights arrived from European and Arab capitals, including 16 flights from Dubai, 14 from Istanbul, 13 from Cairo, 5 from Riyadh, Jeddah and Doha, in addition to three flights from Muscat, and two from London. The total number of departing flights was about 138. The pressure of returning passengers was accompanied by a traffic jam that disrupted the traffic in front of the arrivals gate in the T1 terminal building.

The traffic police dealt with it immediately by regulating traffic and facilitating the movement of passengers. According to a source, the total number of passengers was about 25,000 on Sunday, including 13,000 arriving and 12,000 departing passengers. The agencies operating at the airport were fully prepared to deal with the travel season and holidays. Periodic meetings were held between them, which resulted in the preparation of a field plan to deal with the movement of passengers, whose activity is expected to increase significantly after the easing of travel restrictions. The field teams and the office of the duty controller in the Operations Department are working on dealing with all emergency cases and problems. They are also keen about managing the movement of passengers, especially their entry and exit from the airport gates, with ease.

Source- Arab Times.


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