‘Techade of India’: PM says Jan 16 to be celebrated as National Start-up Day.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday announced that January 16 will be celebrated as National Start-up Day to ensure that this culture of start-ups reaches far and wide in the country. Interacting with youngsters from the world of start-ups, the prime minister said this decade is being as the ‘techade of India’. PM Modi underlined that the government is making massive transformations on three important aspects to strengthen the innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystems in this decade.

“First, to free Entrepreneurship from the web of government processes, from bureaucratic silos innovation. Secondly, to build institutional mechanism to promote innovation. And third, handholding young innovators, young enterprise,” he said.

Start-ups from various sectors including agriculture, health, enterprise systems, space, industry 4.0, security, fintech, environment, were part of the interaction.

Prime Minister Modi said the central government is making effort to create attraction towards innovation in the students from childhood. He added that more than 9,000 Atal Tinkering Labs are giving children a chance to innovate in schools and work on new ideas. Highlighting India’s 46th rank in the Global Innovation Index, the prime minister said that the government’s campaign on innovation has improved the country’s ranking.

“Start-ups are going to be the backbone of new India…When India completes 100 years of independence, start-ups will have an important role…Country’s innovators are making the country proud globally,” he said during the virtual address.

With over 61,000 recognised startups by the department for promotion of industry and internal trade, the government acknowledges India as the world’s 3rd largest startup ecosystem.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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