Joe Sudeep, Guinness record for Most flips of plastic bottle.

Question: Tell us something about yourself Joe Sudeep ?
Answer: My Name is JOE SUDEEP and I am 10 years old. I am studying at Icsk Khaitan in class 5.

Question: Tell us more about your Guinness World Record and how it all started in the first place ?
Answer: I started bottle flipping , then an aunty, our family friend told us to try to get into India Book of Records and then I tried really hard for it and got ‘India Book of Records’ for the most no of bottle flips in one minute. After that we tried for ‘Guinness World Record’. They put forward a rule that the bottle must have 500ml water in it. I practiced a lot to attain it.
I wholeheartedly thank my school principal for his support. He was not present here, though he gave us the support to do this and I thank our Social science branch HOD Sharanya mam and Dr. Anthony , Dr. Micky , Mr. Mahesh , Mr. Bijoy , Gauri shankar sir , Denith sir , Nandu sir for supporting me with the bottle flips and for the time keepers and all the viewers who stood with me throughout the event. After that we waited for a few months to get the result and it was announced on 29th December that I got the World Record .

Question: Flipping bottles seems simple but what motivated you to approach the Guinness World Record for your unique talent ?
Answer: I used to watch some YouTube channels during lockdown and I was interested in it , and thus got motivated to do something different and I tried.
Question: Now that you have achieved a milestone in your life, Do you have any other world records in mind, how are you planning in your future on this ?
Answer: I don’t have that much idea at present. But I would like to do something with cards. Really something different and unique.

Question: If someone wants to show their talent to Guinness World Record, what are the procedures, can you tell us in detail how you did it ?
Answer: Almost one year ago I started practicing bottle flipping , tried increasing my speed , doing some workouts like breath in and breath out and practicing bottle flipping on a surface and measuring the length between my chair and surface and by changing the amount of water in the bottle etc. After that I started practicing and I got the muscle memory in my hand and then I achieved this prestigious record.

Question: How did your parents react to your unique talent ? What role did they play to promote and encourage you?
Answer: At first when I was doing bottle flipping they would say to be quiet as it creates a lot of sound and then after the success of getting India Book of Records they started appreciating me and now got the Guinness World Record. They are really happy.

Question: You study at Indian Community School in Kuwait. What role did the school play in your achievement?

Ans : As I said before , our Principal sir and all teachers were very supportive and encouraging. Along with my parents, they too helped to organize and conduct the event smoothly in our school. They all are very happy about my achievement.

Question: What message you have for young talented kids to show their talent to the world
Answer: practice , if you focus on one thing and practice it, you will definitely succeed .


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