Renewal of residence for expats above 60 crisis continues.

The crisis for residence renewal of expats above 60 yrs without a graduation degree continues without any radical solution where concrete law can be implemented. The High Court has already cancelled the list of rules and procedures for granting working permits as well as the Board of Directors of Public Authority of Manpower agreed to cancel the decision based on the opinion of Fatwa and Legislation, but it does not seem it is sufficient to solve the crisis.

Although it was agreed that the visa will be renewed for a fee of KD 500 plus private health insurance, this decision is just on paper and not yet implemented in the system, reports Al Rai. On other hand the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Abudllah Al Salman is waiting for the insurance companies union to submit a document that suits this segment. It appears that this decision will not be implemented soon due to the government’s resignation.

Source- Arab Times.


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