Indian School of Excellence revered and celebrated grandparents across the globe.

“Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds and wonderful stories”. To instill the knowledge of this inseparable and unique bond in their students and to shout out the worth of the real foundations of our families, Indian School of Excellence revered and celebrated grandparents across the globe.

The evening of 14th of October was made distinctive and memorable with the adorable gestures of unsurpassable love between grandparents and their  grandchildren. Students from all the classes and sections graciously performed for their dear grandparents which for sure might have captivated and enamored their hearts and spirits.

A person with an inspiring vision, the leader with unparalleled excellence, none other than the Director of ISEK Mrs Sherly Dennis, addressed the audience and whole heartedly welcomed all of them to the event. She shared her exquisite thoughts on the relevance of grandparent’s day and bestowed the warm greetings of Grandparents day to all.

The tiny tots of the K.G section staged an enchanting dance performance through which they brought so much delight into the minds of the audience. The dedication video which included the pictures of all the students with the grandparents took them down the memory lane and gifted them glimpses of moments that they cherish. The skit performance of classes 5 and 6 students portrayed the undefinable bond between generations. Through their charming video presentation, class 1 and 2 students also depicted their love towards grandparents. The soulful singing of class 3 and 4 students left the audience spellbound and the eloquent and significant speech of Parthiv Lal of class 3, in Hindi, manifested the essentiality of grandparents in our lives.

Nothing could have made the day more memorable than two of the grandparents from the school being the Guests of Honour. Mr MohdIstifa Khan and Mrs Durie Almas Tungekar, the highly dignified and special guests of the day who also are the valuable members of the ISEK family. Mrs NishaParakkoth, the K.G Supervisor of ISEK, also a multi-faceted and charming personality introduced the special guests by providing a brief sketch on the lives. Mrs Durie Almas Tungekar, showered her blessings and love upon all and she also reminisced the unforgettable years that she got to spend with the ICSK family. She encouraged the students to give more importance to relationships and family and also appreciated the initiative of the school in giving importance to observe such special occasions.

Mrs Sherly Dennis, Director of ISEK, honoured the special guests by presenting a virtual memento and acclaimed them for their blissful presence throughout the event. Class 1-6 Supervisor of ISEK, the enthusiastic and talented personality, Mrs PriyaMagesvaran, expressed her sincere gratitude upon each and every person who strived to make the event a grand one. At the end the beautiful evening marked with celebrations left everyone with countless memories and beautiful takeaways.


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