Some expat teachers’ certificates accreditation takes 6 to 12 months.

‘Same procedures apply to Kuwaitis graduated from private varsities’

An expatriate teacher is not appointed unless the Ministry of Higher Education accredits his academic certificate, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a source from the educational sector. According to the source, the appointment of some applicants for teaching positions has been suspended in the Administrative Sector for six months and others for a year. “No matter how complicated the procedures are, we have to wait for the applicants to complete the accreditation of their certificates,” the source explained.

The source disclosed: “Through this mechanism, new teachers are no longer required to sign written pledges regarding the validity of their academic qualifications or experience certificates. It is no longer necessary to contact the cultural offices abroad to verify the certificates. The accreditation procedures could be a little long, but this is the best way to ensure the validity of educational qualifications and prevent manipulation of recruitment procedures.” The source affirmed the same procedures apply to Kuwaitis who graduated from private universities in and outside the country, as the process of their employment is only carried out once accreditation is obtained from the ministry.

The source added that Kuwaitis who graduated from the faculties of Education and Basic Education are appointed immediately, because these two institutions have been accredited by the ministry. The source pointed out all the new procedures are the results of the Certificate Accreditation Law, which was ratified after the forged certificates issue hit the country in previous years. The source stressed that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is in charge of verifying the educational qualifications of Kuwaitis nominated to work at the ministry — whether the certificates are obtained in or outside the country.

Source- Arab Times.


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