Interview with Ms. MEGHA JOHNSON, CBSE Class XII topper from ICSK Kuwait., The well-known news portal in Kuwait recently had the opportunity of having a chat with Ms. MEGHA JOHNSON, one of the toppers of CBSE Class XII from Indian Community School of Kuwait.

Congratulations on your CBSE Class XII result! What are your feelings on this achievement?

Thank you so much , I am really happy about it all though it was online results weren’t much affected by it 

 Have you thought about your career plans yet?

Not in a very planned  way I am pursuing ECC right now and I have also enrolled for B.COM  

The lockdown was announced in March and things changed. How did you prepare for your exams during COVID-19? How did it affect your preparation? What was the most striking thing during this preparation?

Although everything was transformed into the online platform our teachers were never there in this field , they never made us feel any difficulties caused by this pandemic . This pandemic of course caused a lot of mental issues except for that , we had access to a lot of resources online, maybe more than any other year. Actually preparations went just like any other year.  

What was your daily routine for Class XII exams before lockdown and after? How much time did you devote to self-study because coaching can only teach you but you have to do the work?

Before and after there is no such difference in my case , the best would be to pay attention And devote some time. I am not into a systematic way , but we shouldn’t over do it as well So we need to spend some time , the key is actually paying attention in class I would say.     

How was the preparation different from the early days to just a month before Class XII exam?

 A month before exam it was announced that our exams are now  postponed , it actually  made us a little lose here , however the plan was to start revising the past paper questions And the school textbook , this was the plan .

What was your exam day strategy? What was the roughest and the easiest section according to you?

We did not have an exam.

Which college is your dream college for studying further ?  

I am very typical about it. I do not have a typical plan for that right now I am pursuing an open university, the Indira Gandhi National Open  university and I wish to study abroad . 

How did your family support you and motivate you during this stressful lockdown period? How did you de-stress during your preparation?

Spending the time with the family is the only thing we could do to destress yourself during the pandemic , going out is not even we thought of , definitely my parents and family were all very supportive they made sure they provide the right circumstance for me to learn comfortably online , they also motive me they say every thing is gonna come out well there is no requirement to be afraid of , everything is planned .  

Tell us what’s so special about your school teachers and management, how did they inspire you  ? 

Definitely , the school that I studied were great at supporting especially during the pandemic I felt they are putting an extraordinary efforts to make it feel comfortable for us When I read news from India and other places where online classes do not seem so easy for them, they used to share their stories ,share pictures of  there online classes  that’s when I realized what efforts are teachers putting into this , I must say online seem much more convenient then offline in certain ways , definitely online is not the replacement for offline school , teachers made sure it was comfortable for us . I really evidently and prominently felt that in normal school years the senior most class enjoys a lot of privileges and we missed that , they tried to incorporate what could all be done at school . 

What message do you have for students who are going to attend next year ? 

Follow your own planning strategy, I would say do not experiment listening to any topper there strategy probably works best for them  

What is your future plan ?

I am studying for another year at least and then take up a good job some where like most others . 


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