Interview with Ms. JESSLYN SARA VARGHESE, CBSE Class X topper from ICSK Kuwait., The well-known news portal in Kuwait recently had the opportunity of having a chat with Ms. JESSLYN SARA VARGHESE, one of the toppers of CBSE Class X from Indian Community School of Kuwait.

Congratulations on your CBSE Class X result! What are your feelings on this achievement?

I am really thankful to god , really happy and satisfied with this and I thank god for giving me this opportunity  to make family and teachers proud.  

 Have you thought about your career plans yet?

I would either major in Economics or be a chartered Accountant 

The lockdown was announced in March and things changed. How did you prepare for your exams during COVID-19? How did it affect your preparation? What was the most striking thing during this preparation?

We used to discuss and talk with our friends and classmates on a positive note since all my classes are online , a lot of time saved. I used this extra time to do other things as well as study  .

What was your daily routine for Class x exams before lockdown and after? How much time did you devote to self-study because coaching can only teach you but you have to do the work?

Like I said we got a lot of extra time  so I used this time for self study . 

How was the preparation different from the early days to just a month before Class X exam?

The thing we weren’t sure if the board exams will happen with in the time so  we were having model exams , conducted by the school like we got so kind of confidence to attend the real exams. 

What was your exam day strategy? What was the roughest and the easiest section according to you?

My strategy was to study old question papers, doing them a little bit to reduce stress , if the board exams would have happened and my roughest subject was social.

Which college is your dream college for studying further ?

I haven’t thought of it yet   

How did your family support you and motivate you during this stressful lockdown period? How did you de-stress during your preparation?

They are very supportive , they used to help me with any doubt I had , my sister and I used to do activities , we used to watch TV or play together 

What role did your school ICSK play in your successful achievement ? 

My teachers were very supportive. They were like ready to solve any doubts when students in mind also they used to give us weekly assignments  which were very helpful  . our principal was telling us not to worry and reassuring us 

Tell us what’s so special about your school teachers and management, how did they inspire you  ? 

They always reassured us that we would be there if we had any doubts you asked them .

What message do you have for students who are going to attend next year ? 

Relax and study from the extra materials and don’t stress on yourself  you should also go out and play and spend time with friends because they can also  help us destress

What is your future plan ? 

 Like I said economics or accountant .


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