Interview with Ms. IRENE MARY KURUVILLA, CBSE Class X topper from ICSK Kuwait., The well-known news portal in Kuwait recently had the opportunity of having a chat with Ms. IRENE MARY KURUVILLA, one of the toppers of CBSE Class X from Indian Community School of Kuwait.

Congratulations on your CBSE Class X result! What are your feelings on this achievement?

I am very happy obviously , quite proud of it actually . 

 Have you thought about your career plans yet?

Yes, I am in the Humanity stream right now and I wanna pursue psychology .

The lockdown was announced in March and things changed. How did you prepare for your exams during COVID-19? How did it affect your preparation? What was the most striking thing during this preparation?

It was hard , the online classes were a bit hard , I think I was able to manage .I prepared a lot at home .

What was your daily routine for Class X exams before lockdown and after? How much time did you devote to self-study because coaching can only teach you but you have to do the work?

Well, before covid ,I think I had pretty much the same routine , after morning school and then I would go to tuition in the afternoon and then at night I would do my homework and do some studies , after lockdown I pretty much had the same routine 

How was the preparation different from the early days to just a month before Class X exam?

I spent a lot of time studying i used wakeup in the morning , sit with my books and study I think till night I would study  

What was your exam day strategy? What was the roughest and the easiest section according to you?

I didn’t really have one , I used to struggle a lot in science. I used to spend a lot of time studying guides and doing hard work . 

Which college is your dream college for studying further ? 

I haven’t decided yet . 

How did your family support you and motivate you during this stressful lockdown period? How did you de-stress during your preparation?

It was really stressful for me with the exams and lockdown . My family was very supportive; they never pressured me to score much . 

What role did your school ICSK play in your successful achievement ?

The teachers were very supportive , despite the lockdown they thought very nicely .  

What message do you have for students who are going to attend next year ?

Don’t stress out because during my exams I used to stress out at the end it’s all gonna work . 

What is your future plan ? 

I want to be a clinical psychologist .


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