IMA conducts an online public program on “The message of Hijrah in Islam”.

“Hijrah or Migration is the name of sacrificing everything in the way of Allah. At spiritual level It is a total surrender of one’s desire to the will of God. It is about migrating from bad to good, from evil deeds to righteous deeds, from sins to repentance, from stealing to earning an honest and halal money, from uttering lies to speaking the truth, from being mean to becoming generous and so on”. Addressing to the online audience, guest speaker from India Sheikh Abdul Qadir Umari said. The program was organized on 12th Aug at 8:45 pm by The Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait.

The renowned speaker further emphasized that “As a Muslim we should always live in a state of migration”. He narrated a hadith in Bukhari Shareef that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said “An emigrant is the one who abstains from that which Allah has prohibited”. Therefore, he stressed that merely leaving of someone’s land, country or family in the way of Allah is not Hijrah or migration but in a wider prospect this word migration deals with the complete journey of a man’s life from darkness to light and bad to good.

The guest speaker further highlighted that the migration by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions from Makkah to Madinah was a turning point for Islam and for Muslims who were being oppressed by the polytheists in the streets of Makkah, this migration is marked for creating a new history in human era. He described in details how after this Hijrah, a new state came in to an existence and Muslims got freedom to preach and propagate Islam freely in Madinah and outside in the other parts of Arab.
He concluded his speech with this note that this Hijrah or migration breaks down the barriers between Arab & Non-Arab, white and black, poor and rich, high and low in the society, bringing them all on one platform and under one umbrella.
Mr. Shamvil Pervez, the IMA President, on behalf of IMA Kuwait in his speech emphasized a notable learned lesson from Migration. He explicitly narrated how companions of our Prophet PBUH proclaimed and stood firm on Islamic faith in spite of being oppressed and persecuted by the tyrant idolaters. And how they sacrificed whatever they owned; their wealth, their business, their relations, their homes and even they migrated from their birthplace, Makkah. He thanked the Guest speaker and also thanked the audience for their overwhelming response to attend the program and relentless support
The program commenced with recitation of the Holy Quran by Omar Abdullah, convened adeptly by Br Khurshid Khan. Mr Mohammad Umar Falahi on a quiz session with the audiences, covering the different aspects and parts of the Hijrah done by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions from Makka to Madina more than 1400 years ago. Finally, the program was concluded by “vote of thanks” paid by Khurshid Khan

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