No ban on doctors’ leave; 1,641 medics took vacation.

As the vaccination centers continue to see high turnout of people to receive the vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health has denied rumors that doctors are prevented from taking their periodic leave, reports Al-Rai daily. To support its statement, the Ministry of Health said 1,641 doctors availed their periodic leave from May 27 until June 29, 2021.

The sources told the daily “the periodic leave availed by doctors with duration of less than two weeks, may exceed the number of doctors mentioned above, and this confirms the keenness of the Ministry of Health to provide comfort to its medical staff, without affecting the level of services.” Regarding what was recently said about stopping periodic leave for doctors, the sources confirmed that no circular was issued in this regard. To the contrary, the daily quoting ministry sources said, Health is keen to provide an appropriate work environment of providing service in accordance with medical standards, and the right of medical personnel to enjoy their periodic vacations, in light of organizational procedures established in advance by the relevant sectors of the ministry, in a manner that does not affect the quality of service and care provided to patients in its various health facilities, especially in light of the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic.

Source- Arab Times.


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