Seniors among educators set to ‘leave’ service soon.

The number of those covered by retirement scheme at the Ministry of Education has shot to 388 educators who have spent 34 years or more in service and they include a big number of school principals, mentors, and administrators, reports Al-Anba daily. Informed education sources told the daily the administrative sector has submitted the names to the Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf for approval but the list has been sent back to the administrative sector with a request to identify the last working day of each ‘retiree’ separately.

The sources added after the minister’s instructions have been implemented and the list has been returned again. The sources explained in the event the statements are approved, the closest date will be at the end of next December, similar to what the ministry had done in the previous year, pointing out that the ministry is continuing with its plan and referring those who have completed 34 years of service to retirement.

Source- Arab Times.


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