2,910,133 residence transactions completed online.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said that the number of residency transactions that have been completed since the launch of the online service through the ministry’s website has reached 2,910,133 transactions. The General Department of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated in a press statement on Wednesday that the total number of statistics received and completed by the appointment platform to complete transactions is 1,120,553 transactions and it confirmed that it will continue to receive auditors wishing to terminate their services electronically through the website of the Ministry of Interior, calling on citizens and residents to communicate via the following e-mail of the General Administration of Information Systems ([email protected] gov.kw) for any inquiries.

The statement indicated that the completion of the auditors’ transactions through the online service comes due to the current conditions that the country is going through in the face of the spread of COVID-19, and in application of health requirements in the interest of the health of citizens and residents within the efforts made by the security institution to develop its service sectors.

Source- Arab Times.


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