Indian Youth Congress: Rahul says made a ‘mistake’ by focusing on young faces.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi signaled a key shift in his style of politics and told a group of Indian Youth Congress (IYC) leaders on Monday that he made a “mistake” by focusing too much on young faces.

Addressing the national executive meeting of IYC office bearers, Gandhi spoke about trust and loyalty in politics and commitment to the party’s ideology. He added more importance needs to be given to those who are “Congress at heart”, indicating more commitment to the party’s ideology.

The comments assume significance as Gandhi is widely speculated to take charge of the party in June when the organizational elections take place. Party insiders believe that his comments might be a signal that Gandhi’s priorities and even his core team might see more people with stronger ideological binding with Congress’s values.

Gandhi, who started his political career in 2004, has earned a reputation for promoting youth in the party by giving them tickets, key portfolios, and responsibilities in the organization.

In his address to the IYC leaders, he hailed the workers as the party’s “real power”. “Mahatma Gandhi used to say that politics means trust, and today the country needs that trust and belief.”

He asked IYC leaders to stay committed to the party’s ideology. Gandhi added that those, who stick to the party, will be rewarded in the long run. He added the Congress cannot shut the door if anyone wants to return to its fold. Gandhi likened Congress to an ocean and added anyone wanting return can be allowed to do so. But he added the positions of power must always go to those who stayed behind and remained committed to the party’s ideology.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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