Passengers from banned countries should comply to 14 days quarantine, 2 PCRs.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued Circular No. 10/2021, instructing all airline companies operating at Kuwait International Airport to strictly comply with the regulations regarding arriving passengers that will take effect on Sunday. According to the circular, the airlines should not allow any passenger on flights bound for Kuwait without registering on the platform https://Kuwaitmosafer. The circular stressed the need for all arriving passengers to undergo two PCR tests and they should shoulder the cost for these tests. They can pay for the PCR test fees on Kuwaitmosafer platform through the airlines or ground handling service companies at Kuwait International Airport.

In addition, all passengers from the banned countries must undergo institutional quarantine for 14 days in any of the hotels allotted for this purpose and they must shoulder the quarantine cost.

Booking hotels for quarantine and other related procedures must be done through Kuwaitmosafer and Belsalamah platforms. For passengers coming from other countries, they will be required to undergo institutional quarantine for seven days at any of the allocated local hotels and they should also shoulder the cost.

Booking hotels for quarantine and other relevant procedures should be carried out through Kuwaitmosafer platform. They will undergo PCR test on the sixth day and complete the seven additional days of quarantine at home.

The decision to allow the entry of domestic workers remains in effect and all the relevant procedures must be done through Belsalamah platform.

The directorate then urged the airlines to strictly abide by the above mentioned regulations; pointing out they will be held liable in case of any violation, such as shouldering all the related expenses and that the corresponding penalties will be imposed on them. Meanwhile, some citizens’ failure to report to their respective vaccination centers to receive COVID-19 jabs based on prior appointment has opened the day for non- Kuwaitis to receive the jabs, especially the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to health officials, the COVID-19 vaccination centers continue to operate without hindrance, amid the high percentage of vaccinated people. Specific segments are targeted in the current period, such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, front-line workers, and people with special needs. The vaccinators in the 15 health centers and the Kuwait Vaccination Center have a specific list of names of those who will receive the vaccine before the start of their official work.

In the event that it is not possible for any person with a specific appointment and prior reservation to attend, then the next person on the waiting list is contacted, especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases, irrespective of whether they are citizens or residents. When anyone registers on the online platform for COVID-19 vaccinations, he/she needs to clarify their health conditions and whether they suffer from any diseases. This determines the priority in being called for vaccination. They affirmed that there are people who registered and were contacted on the same day, as they suffer from chronic diseases or are elderly. The officials concluded by confirming that the health centers designated for COVID-19 vaccination contacted some elderly residents and those with chronic diseases, and vaccinated them, after those who had prior appointments failed to report on time.

Source- Arab Times.


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