Occupancy rate of coronavirus wings doubles at Adan Hospital.

Farwaniya Hospital opens vaccination unit

The Ministry of Health has begun the vaccination program for medical personnel against COVID-19 disease in a number of public hospitals, in order to protect all medical staff and health workers from the risks of infection and also to prevent the spread of infection, especially with the recent significant increase in the number of daily infections.

This is followed by an increase in the occupancy rate of patients infected with coronavirus in hospitals to between 30 to 50 percent. Director of Al-Adan Hospital, Dr Tariq Dashti told Al-Seyassah daily that the increase in occupancy rates in the hospital’s wings to more than 50%, pointing out that the number of cases in the past ranged between 25 and 30 cases, but increased during the past few days until it reached between 50 and 57 per day.

Dr Dashti said the hospital is doing everything to contain the increasing number of infections and indicated that the clinical capacity of the four COVID-19 wards reached 114 beds, in addition to 18 in the intensive care unit, pointing to the adoption of a plan to expand the Corona wards and care in the hospital at any time, if the need arises.

Regarding the hospital’s medical and technical personnel vaccination unit, Dr Dashti said that the daily capacity of vaccination ranges between 100 to 150 people, saying the unit operates all days of the week, from two in the afternoon until eight in the evening, except Fridays and Saturdays. He explained the unit includes seven clinics, including four clinics for vaccination, one for preventive health, a pharmacy, an emergency room, and another for administrators.

For his part, the Director of Farwaniya Hospital, Dr Muhammad Al-Rashidi said the occupancy rate of beds of “COVID-19” wards or intensive care increased by 30% during the past ten days, which rings the alarm bell and warns of the need to take extra caution, indicating that the affected age groups are the elderly and patients with chronic non-communicable diseases.

Dr Al-Rashidi said in a press statement on the sidelines of the inauguration of the vaccination unit for medical personnel at the Farwaniya Hospital, the increase in infections comes in line with the daily indicators and statistics of the Ministry of Health to determine the epidemiological situation in Kuwait.

He explained the unit comes to complete the recommendations of the Ministry of Health in this regard, explaining that it operates in two — morning and evening shifts – for medical teams, and consists of 4 to 6 vaccination rooms, in addition to a doctor from preventive health and a doctor present in the observation room, in addition to a reception and statistics office, a resuscitation room and a reception room. It accommodates 30 people.

Dr Al-Rashidi in his address thanked the citizens and residents for their commitment during the previous period to health recommendations, following precautionary requirements and measures. Dr Al-Rashidi also called on everyone to take the initiative to register with the vaccination platform of the Ministry of Health and get vaccinated in order to preserve the safety of everyone.

Source- Arab Times.


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