Need for Kuwaiti ‘communication’ platforms, search engines.

Al-Nahedh calls on business owners to protect info

Chairperson of Global Electronic Media Club in Kuwait Hind Al-Nahedh stressed the need for Arab and Kuwaiti communication platforms and search engines due to the inevitable conflict between governments around the world and companies that own global social networking sites, reports Al-Rai daily. She said “the year 2021 will not be in the interest of social media and search engines because of the expected conflicts between technology companies and governments. It is expected that each country has legislation in this regard, such as the legislation on intellectual property rights for music and other materials.”

Chairperson of Global Electronic Media Club in Kuwait Hind Al-Nahedh

She pointed out that countries have started to turn around legislation requiring platforms to pay content makers and digital newspapers instead of free publishing. After France’s experiment with Google and Britain with Facebook in this regard, Australia did the same and it is expected that India will follow suit, she added. She called on business owners to protect information about their enterprises, because such information could be lost if a search engine like Google is closed. She urged them to keep their data and clients’ numbers on platforms for each business. She emphasized at the same time that nothing is free forever, as search engines and social media platforms that provide services for free will inevitably collect fees from the users.

Source- Arab Times.


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