74,000 expat workers registered under expired Govt contracts.

According to reliable sources, about 74,000 workers are still registered under expired government contracts and their conditions have not been addressed, reports Al-Rai daily.

They said the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has dealt with the conditions of about 85,000 workers registered under those contracts, either by ensuring they left Kuwait or by transferring them to other contracts that are still in effect.

Deputy Director of PAM Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi revealed the coordination with all government agencies with contracts for completed government projects, in order to take necessary actions towards the contractors, liquidate the workers registered on those contracts, and give them a period not exceeding a month to implement the liquidation procedures. In case of non-compliance by contractors, PAM shall be notified accordingly.

In this regard, informed sources explained that the number of government contracts that have expired so far is about 850. This number is witnessing a daily change in terms of increase or decrease according to the measures taken in this regard.

At the time when PAM’s official mandate to handle this file began in the beginning of September 2020, the number of workers registered on expired contracts reached 159,000.

Among them, 85,000 were dealt with during the past four months. They either left Kuwait or were transferred to other government contracts that need manpower.

In the same context, Dr. Al-Azmi clarified in a recent press statement that, in light of the mandate issued by the Cabinet to PAM to follow up the coordination with the relevant government agencies, legal measures have been taken towards addressing the defects in the expired government contracts based on the recommendations of the Economic Affairs Committee that issued them according to the report submitted by PAM.

Al-Azmi said, “Coordination is underway with all the authorities that have expired government contracts in terms of using the powers drawn up by the law in dealing with the conditions of those contracts, either referred to by the public tenders law or stipulated by the labor law and the decisions issued in implementation thereof.”

Regarding the most important measures that will be taken in the future in order to avoid defects in government contracts, Al-Azmi explained that there is currently coordination with the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) to require the inclusion of tender documents submitted by government agencies. It is a condition that requires bidders to submit a clearance certificate issued by PAM, and attach it to their bid papers. Also there should be no suspensions on their expired or stalled government contracts, and the bids that do not include this certificate are excluded.

The Cabinet’s appreciation of PAM’s efforts in this matter places a heavy burden on it in order to move forward in activating these measures at a vigorous pace, especially as they are aimed at the public interest in the first place, in addition to their positive effects on the national and international levels alike.

Source- Arab Times.


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