IMA webinar on Healthcare during pandemic.

The Social Service Department of Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait conducted a Zoom Webinar in coordination with Indian Doctors Forum, Kuwait on ‘Health Care During Pandemic’ on 11th December.
Indian Muslim Association (IMA) is an Indian organization known as a socio-religious organization in Kuwait, carries out its various activities under the patron ship of “Ministry of Awqaaf” & “Islamic Affairs”, Kuwait and the Indian Embassy of Kuwait. IMA is always keen to provide a platform for the enhancement of expatriates living in Kuwait for their social & spiritual aspects through various programs & webinars. It’s Social Services Department is one of the important departments of this association which carries out welfare services for the Indian expatriates at different levels.
Recently IMA has participated in the “Indian Community Support Group” which was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic to respond to the basic and essential needs of the Indian community under the guidance of the Embassy of India, Kuwait. Thus IMA reached more than 3000 families with the coordination of various Kuwait NGOs and the Indian Embassy.
The President of the Indian Doctors Forum, Dr. Amir Ahmed presented an inaugural note and briefly emphasized the importance of eye care and the benefits of healthy life through Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise and thus preventing various diseases in long term.
The key highlights of the webinar were ‘Eye Care During Pandemic’ and how to be healthy through ‘Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise’.
Dr. Niranjan Kumar, Consultant Ophthalmologist from Al-Bahar Eye Center, Ministry of Health (MOH), Kuwait explained the importance of eye care, how to manage eye strain, clarified a few myths, proper use of a mask to avoid fogging of glasses, recognize eye emergency situation and action required to avail health facilities at different levels.
The second topic of the webinar was how to be healthy through Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise which was covered by a team, consisting of Dr. Burhan Bhatia, Physician, M.D. (Internal Medicine) and Dr. Tasneem Jasvi-Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, from Farwaniya Hospital, MOH, Kuwait, and Ms. Rashida Kadanawala, Clinical Dietician, Sabah Hospital, MOH, Kuwait. The symptoms of COVID-19 and its transmission were presented to the audience. It was also explained that the mantra for a healthy life is to stay active, have adequate sleep, manage stress & anxiety, control disorders, and take proper nutrients. It was also emphasized that health issues don’t completely rely on information through ‘Google’ and other search engines and advised to get the right information either from reliable and relevant websites and/or by consulting the doctors/specialists.
The above program was appreciated by overwhelming attendees.
IMA, Kuwait is thankful to “Indian Doctors Forum” and their entire team for their support in making this event a success and it looks forward to their continued support in organizing such beneficial events in the future also.

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