Poll hopeful vows defense of Sharia.

Fifth Constituency candidate and former MP Majed Musaed Al-Mutairi signed a pledge to defend and support the Islamic Sharia and deep-rooted Kuwaiti traditions.

The pledge includes preventing manipulation of the Islamic Studies curricula in various educational stages. He also promised to support efforts to stop immoral activities like dance parties and the establishment of swimming pools for men and women in hotels.

He will push for the ratification of a law criminalizing the acts of engaging in sodoku sciences like energy and nerve programming, in addition to posting advertisements about the relevant drugs and tools. He intends to support bills on enforcing the Islamic Sharia.

Former MP and Third Constituency candidate Yousef Al- Fadalah disclosed that he has no specific electoral agenda, disclosing he has had a vision and some of its items have been accomplished while others have yet to be completed.

He criticized the 2016 Parliament, as the bank deposits of several MPs swelled during its term. He stressed the need to stop corruption in the legislative authority and criticized the silence of some former MPs over the attitude of the government.

Former MP and Third Constituency candidate Saadoun Hammad emphasized the need to provide more support for Kuwaiti women. He argued that it is better and cheaper if the government grants houses to these women than the KD 70,000 housing loan. He said the average cost of a government house is about KD 40,000; while the loan amount is higher, yet it is not enough to buy a flat.

Third Constituency candidate Uqab Hammad Al-Otaibi decided to withdraw from the elections, because he is concerned about the safety of voters in view of the coronavirus crisis.

Moreover, Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) confirmed that it is following up information posted on social media regarding the elections. It urged citizens to report violations by visiting its headquarters in Hsamiya or through email incident_report@ nazaha.gov.kw. Nazaha added it is working hard to complete the establishment of a section for reviewing the declaration of assets and liabilities, which will be submitted by the ministers and MPs after the announcement of election results. Ministry of Information recently announced the opportunity for candidates from all constituencies to present their electoral programs to their constituencies for a period not exceeding three minutes, then broadcast them via the media platforms of the ministry in keeping with its usual previous parliamentary elections, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The ministry in a recent statement said the reception of candidates who wish to present their own visions to the voters of their constituencies will start next Saturday and last for 10 days. It added that this opportunity will be given free of charge to all candidates who wish to address the public through Kuwait TV and Radio and the Ministry’s social media platforms. In the same context, the Ministry stated that during the next few days, it will launch a wide advertising campaign aimed at urging citizens to actively participate in the upcoming National Assembly elections scheduled for the fifth of next month. It stated that this campaign comes as an affirmation of the ministry’s keenness to support the Kuwaiti democratic process, which is considered a pioneer in the region in terms of national responsibility, which the Ministry of Information bears one of its most important pillars.

It explained that the campaign will cover advertisements for external and internal roads, screens inside cooperative societies, fuel stations, public transport and others aimed at covering a large number of areas, streets and places that citizens visit continuously.

The ministry said it seeks through advertising campaign to deliver a targeted media message to invite voters to exercise their national role guaranteed by the Kuwaiti Constitution and to participate in selecting their representatives in the Parliament, a role that is no less important than what the deputy plays in the legislation, development and contribution to the renaissance of the country. The ministry indicated “it has prepared national flash drives to be broadcast on the local channels and distributed to private channels, as well as the various news and electronic sites, stressing the importance of participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”

The Ministry of Education continues its preparations for the parliamentary elections; starting with the allocation of 102 schools which will be used as polling centers during the elections on Dec 5, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources from the educational sector. Sources revealed the ministry intends to suspend work on Dec 6 – a day after elections – in schools designated as polling centers only. Sources explained this will give the ministry enough time to prepare the school buildings and clean them before the resumption of work.

Sources said the administrative staff in the concerned schools will not report for work on Dec 6; provided they guarantee that online classes proceed as usual in coordination with the directors of schools. Sources added classes will not be suspended on Dec 6, especially since they are conducted online.

They called on everyone to strictly follow the instructions that the ministry will announce later. Sources affirmed that the ministry will hand over the schools to its justice counterpart at the end of official working hours on Dec 3. Sources said the schools will be prepared and fully cleaned on Dec 4 in time for the elections the next day.

Source- Arab Times.


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