‘MPW center pays attention to needs of construction sector’.

Sector employs about 700 employees: Dr Al-Mutairi

The Director of the Government Center for Inspection and Quality Control Sector at the Ministry of Public Works, Dr Khadija Al-Mutairi, said the sector pays attention to the needs of the construction sector be it construction of roads, infrastructure, or rain water drainage during rainy season or sewage, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Mutairi said in an exclusive interview with the Al-Anba daily that the center which has half-a-million dinars budget boasts of 32 laboratories and provides services to government and private agencies and citizens in the area of construction.

She disclosed the center conducts necessary checks and tests on various building materials, whether the material is used in construction or in other infrastructure, including the rain water drainage and sewage, to ensure their validity and verify their conformity with Kuwaiti or international standards as well as the technical specifications of the Ministry of Public Works.

The center also examines the existing facilities and the soil for establishing facilities and roads. The sector’s activity covers projects belonging to all ministries, government agencies, the private sector and citizens. It also provides valuable service to the construction sector in Kuwait, starting from testing and checking the quality of the construction product and soil until the rehabilitation of projects after implementation.

On the organizational and administrative structure of the center she said it consists of several organizational units, which are the Construction Laboratories Department, Road Labs Department, Quality Control Department, Planning and Follow-up Office, the Administrative Unit and the Safety Department’s specializations.

She added the center aims to assist companies, construction and engineering institutions, and citizens in examining and testing soil and construction material, conducting highquality physical, chemical and mechanical tests in total confidentiality according to local and international specifications and standards, in addition to a distinguished service for individuals to examine their structural components at exclusive prices.

She disclosed the sector employs about 700 employees working in the sector and laboratories of various kinds who carry out periodic field trips to check the work at concrete factories and buildings to ensure their quality and stressed on the commitment to the health requirements such as wearing masks and gloves, and sterilizing the building on a daily basis to protect the employees from corona infection.

She went on to say, the center participates in the rehabilitation of young citizens who are looking for construction knowledge, by conducting intensive training courses for various sectors in the country, such as the College of Technological Studies at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, the Australian College, the Ministry of Education and other state agencies and ministries such as the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, the Ministry of Defense, the Public Authority for Industry and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport under the supervision of specialized trainers. She disclosed three departments work under the umbrella of the Quality Control Department – the Health Works Follow-up Department, Buildings and Services Department and Factories and Concrete Products Department.

Source- Arab Times.


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