Hacker is selling Microsoft C-Suite email credentials for $100.

How much would someone pay for the email credentials of a CEO, a COO or a CFO? Well, according to a hacker, anywhere between $100 ( 7,396 approximately) and $1,500 ( 1,10,944 approximately).

As per a report by ZDNet, a threat actor is selling email and password combinations for Office 365 and Microsoft accounts on an underground for Russian hackers called Exploit.in. These account credentials as per the report by the threat actor belong to various high-level executives including CEO, CFO, COO, CMP, CTO, President, Vice President and Director among others. They are being sold at prices ranging between $100 and $1,500 depending on the company and the role of the executive.

While one of the credentials belongs to the CEO of a medium-sized software company based in the US, the other belongs to the CFO of an EU-based retail store chain. Other credentials belong to the president of a US apparel maker and an executive at a UK-based consultancy.


The seller refused to tell the publication the source from where he obtained these credentials. However, he did confirm that he has hundreds of credentials to sell.

The publication has contacted sources in the intelligence community and identified a number of executives whose credentials the hacker has put up for sale. The publication has also contacted the identified executives regarding the hack.

While this hack may not have affected your work account, it is always advisable to secure your personal and professional email accounts and social media profiles using two-factor authentication in order to prevent falling prey to such scams.

Source- Hindustan Times.


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