MOE to lay off 1,961 non-Kuwaiti teachers next year.

Ministry of Education is on the verge of laying off 1,961 non-Kuwaiti male and female teachers by next July. This decision will affect those who teach five subjects – Islamic education, history, geography, psychology and philosophy, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to informed sources, the Public Education Sector has collated the list of teachers in all disciplines based on the directives of the concerned authorities.

They explained that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has asked the Ministry of Education to provide it with a detailed statement on the number of non-Kuwaiti employees who hold the specializations in Islamic Sharia, history, geography, psychology and philosophy. The information requested include the names, civil ID numbers, job titles, qualifications and the total number of non-Kuwaiti employees in each of the aforementioned specialties.

CSC stressed that each specialization should have a separate, detailed statement in order for it to conduct necessary study so that optimal implementation of the decisions of CSC can be reached concerning the rules and procedures for government job training.

According to the official statistics, the number of non-Kuwaiti Islamic education teachers in the three educational stages – primary, intermediate and secondary – is 1,319, out of whom 670 are men and 649 are women of Arab and Gulf nationalities. The number of expatriate teachers working in the social specialization is 240 (174 male and 66 female).

The number of non-Kuwaiti teachers is 104 teachers (58 male and 46 female) for history , 213 teachers (108 male and 105 female) for geography, 27 teachers (22 male and 5 female) for psychology and sociology, and 58 teachers (57 male and one female) for philosophy.

The sources revealed that the concerned departments are working on preparing lists of all teachers in the five aforementioned specializations in order to send them to CSC based on the request of the latter to study the possibility of terminating their services.

Source- Arab Times.


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