KSE unhappy about terminations of Kuwaiti engineers and professionals.

Secretary General of Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) Eng. Fahd Al-Otaibi called on the Council of Ministers to urgently study the requirements of the labor market “to develop our educational system and study the programs in it” as well as to qualify citizens wishing to work in the private sector and to secure an attractive and safe work environment for them, reports Al-Anba daily.

In a press statement, Al-Otaibi said,”Despite the tightening of procedures and the government’s request to the companies contracting with it not to terminate services of any Kuwaiti employee working in the private sector, it is unacceptable that the services of dozens of engineers and technicians in mega projects are being terminated”.

He insisted that ensuring the career of citizens and achieving security in government project contracts for them is a matter that has become necessary in light of the developments and the government’s desire to hold the private sector accountable for its responsibilities and involve it in economic development.

Al-Otaibi said, “In light of the mandate of the Council of Ministers to take many measures to modify the demographics, it is necessary to urgently close the file of ending the services of Kuwaiti engineers in the private sector”.

He stressed that ending the services of Kuwaiti engineers and some professionals under the pretext of the COVID-19 crisis is not justified, adding, “We, in coordination with the concerned government agencies, will work on bringing an end to this matter and calling on our brothers in companies and the Public Authority for Manpower to verify the Kuwaitization rate required in government contracts”.

He indicated that, “We warned about this earlier, and we are confident that the arbitrariness of these companies towards Kuwaiti engineers and other professionals will be passed to those concerned in government agencies”.

Al-Otaibi said, “We demand a speedy increase in the rates of Kuwaiti workers in government contracts and make their employment among the requirements of contracts and tenders. The presence of a quota in government contracts and tenders will reduce pressure on the salary item in the general budget and will contribute to achieving governmental directions to amend the demographic composition”.

He indicated future work to provide legislation to ensure the presence of national workers, increase their rates annually, and make their employment mandatory in all government contracts as well as exclude any company that does not abide by the need for implementation of Kuwaitization in Kuwaiti project contracts.

Source- Arab Times.


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