ICSK Leaps In Techy World by Introducing Robotics and AI Classes.

The world today is moving more and more towards a virtual digital world.The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated thistransformation. In order to keep pace with time and the current realities,ICSK has introduced a virtual Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)programme for its students of class I to IX.A leading robotics manufacturing company with excellent trainers have been invited to conduct these classes for the students.

This is in line with the vision of ICSK to develop a deep intellectual thinking among its students and try and bring the best to its students to nudge its children outside their comfort zone and take up realistic challenges of future world of their time.

There has been a fantastic response from students and parents.Children in small batches, right from grade I can be seen enjoying their lessons with teachers who patiently resolve their doubts.

“We are thrilled to take this small step with our children so that they can make a giant leap confidently into their future” said the principal and senior administrator, Dr. V. Binumon. “Coding is soon going to be an essential requisite skill of literacy and we do not want our children to lag behind in this new era of education. Thanks to the vision and efforts of ICSK management to introduce advance educational practices in school and move ahead with time”, he added.


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