A new solar cycle has begun. What does this mean?

The Sun has entered a new solar cycle, officially known as Solar Cycle 25, Nasa has confirmed. This cycle commenced in December 2019, but the announcement comes now as it can take 10 months to calculate the cycle.


Here is what the Sun’s new cycle means:

* The Sun changes it cycle every 11 years.

* Some cycles are quiet, some cycles are active. This determines solar weather.

* Solar weather has effects on radio communication, astronauts.

*Solar cycle 25 will be similar to Solar Cycle 24 — which was the weakest cycle in 100 years.

*The peak of Solar Cycle 24 will occur in July 2025. The most active part of the solar cycle is known as solar maximum. The most tranquil part is known as solar minimum. For example, the solar minimum of Solar Cycle 24 was witnessed in December 2019.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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