Microsoft partners with NASSCOM FutureSkills to launch AI skilling initiative in India.

Microsoft on Thursday announced a partnership with NASSCOM FutureSkills. As a part of this partnership, the two organisations will launch a nationwide skilling initiative in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The initiative aims to skill one million students in AI in India by 2021.

As a part of this initiative, Microsoft will provide its AI, machine learning (ML) and data science expertise to students through easy to consume modules including live demos, hands-on workshops and assignments. These introductory sessions on AI will be available for undergraduate students at no cost and will cover the basics of data science, machine learning models on Azure, and understanding of cognitive services to build intelligent solutions.

This AI Classroom series will commence from September 21 and it will be paced in three modules. The online classes will include live demos, hands-on workshops, and assignments through self-learning, virtual instructor-led training, and mentoring. The teaching sessions will be conducted by various experts, including experts from Microsoft and NASSCOM.

Students will have the option to choose from multiple time slots and plan their own learning pace. Registered students will also have access to content and developer tools from Microsoft and GitHub. A participation certificate from NASSCOM and Microsoft will be awarded to students at the end of the series.

Microsoft says that the partnership with NASSCOM FutureSkills is an extension of its global skilling initiative to help 25 million people worldwide acquire new digital skills needed to thrive in a digital economy.

In addition to upskilling one million students, the partnership will also steer collaboration with various academic institutes and colleges to integrate new cloud and AI technologies into the curriculum, with a vision to make India the global hub for skilled talent in AI.

Source- Hindustan Times.



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