IT jobs must go to Kuwaitis.

Sensitive data of state should not be in hands of expats

MP Osama Al-Shaheen submitted a proposal to Kuwaitize jobs in the information technology sections of various public institutions. Al-Shaheen pointed out these information technology sections handle personal information about citizens and sensitive data related to State Security, stressing such data should not be available to expatriate employees.

MP Osama Al-Shaheen

In another development, a number of MPs reacted to the call of MP Saleh Ashour about the need for a general amnesty to cover those convicted in the Abdally Cell case, bloggers and politicians.

MP Abdullah Al-Kandari argued such a call is aimed at obtaining electoral gains and it is considered a new crime. He reiterated the fact that the Abdaly Cell convicts were arrested with 144 kgs of explosives, 19 tons of ammunition, 204 hand grenades and 56 RPJ projectiles in their possession. Al-Shaheen responded saying that “this mix up of papers is unacceptable”. He wondered how the statements are regarded as equal to explosives and politicians as machine gun carriers.

On the other hand, MP Talal Al-Jallal urged Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Saud Al-Harbi to withdraw the decision of the Public Authority of Applied Education and Training (PAAET) to cancel the summer course.

For Al-Jallal, the justification of PAAET that it took the decision because its budget was cut by half is unacceptable. He warned about the negative consequences of the decision for both the students and teaching staff, considering the cancellation of a number of departments where thousands of students have already enrolled and the allowances allocated for the teaching staff.

Source- Arab Times.

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