Dozens of Kuwaitis & Saudis exit, enter as Nuwaiseeb border opens.

Entry of Kuwaitis, Gulf citizens restricted from 8 am until 2 pm

The Nuwaiseeb border crossing between Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed the entry and departure of dozens of Kuwaiti and Saudi citizens, as well as citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries since early morning – the first day of opening the borders between the two brotherly countries after a period of closure that exceeded six months due to the corona pandemic, reports Al-Anba daily.

Saudi-Kuwaiti land crossing point

The daily quoting an informed security source affirmed that the Ministry of Interior had specified Nuwaiseeb border only for the entry of Kuwaitis and Gulf nationals, while Nuwaiseeb and Salmi borders could be used as exit, as regards the entry and exit movement to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The source revealed that any Gulf citizen has the right to leave for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the instructions given in this regard by Saudi authorities, provided that they are in possession of a PCR certificate issued 48 hours before traveling and proving that they’re free of corona, except for young children, to avoid the trouble of sending them back. He pointed out that some travelers were sent back, because they did not carry passports, being the only approved document the Kingdom has set for traveling in the corona crisis.

As for domestic workers or holders of Article 20 residency accompanying Kuwaitis or Gulf nationals, their entry into the Kingdom is subject to the existence of a visa issued by the embassy in Kuwait.

The source pointed out that Kuwaiti authorities will grant entry to only citizens having PCR and Gulf citizens working in some state ministries, provided that the ministries they work have sent notifications to the Ministry of Health on their desire to return Gulf citizens to their places of work, but no instructions have been received in that concern.

He pointed out that the entry of Kuwaitis and Gulf citizens through the Nuwaiseeb border is from 8am until 2pm and for exit, the two borders (Salmi and Nuwaiseeb) are constantly open, stressing employees are present around the clock. Regarding the number of passengers recorded on the first day, the source said “until now, they are in hundreds and will be counted daily”. He concluded that most of the departing Kuwaitis had been cut off from their lawful activities throughout the corona pandemic.

Source- Arab Times.

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