ICSG at forefront of service to community

Indian Community Support Group( ICSG), which was set up by the Indian embassy to help members of the Indian community impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, has been active in service to their countrymen.

Senior Indian community members were quick to come together and work selflessly in helping their fellow citizens who faced the worst of the pandemic in losing their livelihood or being confined to their homes due to the unique nature and spread of the disease.

Members of the committee contributed significant sums of money to ensure food ration kits were purchased and distributed to the needy. The process of procuring food began from the month of May, when Kuwait was witnessing an unprecedented curfew and lockdown that restricted movement and affected the livelihood of large numbers of marginal workers, as well as families who were not in a position to face this sudden crisis.

ICSG, along with the reputed Kuwaiti charity organization, Najat Charitable Society, established a very transparent and efficient system of food procurement and delivery through a network of volunteers from the Indian community. Around 70 Indian associations joined hands with ICSG to ensure that food was delivered to the needy and deserving.

Associations representing various regions of India came forward in the true spirit of helping and reached out to the most affected and vulnerable sections of the community. The committee which comprised 14 members, ensured the right decisions were taken in the distribution process and also used their network to raise funds so that food was procured and distributed in a timely manner.

With the assistance and support of the Indian embassy, ICSG was able to distribute almost 14,000 food ration kits to-date, which is equivalent to 450,000 cooked meals. This sizable exercise would not have been possible without the explicit support of various stakeholders in the community whose support went over and beyond expectations.

Almost 300 volunteers at different levels of operation ensured that food was delivered and help was rendered to the needy in a timely manner. Many volunteers who were given curfew passes were able to reach distant places as well as places that were under lockdown. Reaching distressed people in these times was critical and challenging for ICSG volunteers who understood the necessity and importance of their actions.

The executive committee members who were appointed by the Indian embassy understood their role in ensuring that help had to be rendered quickly and effectively. An application was developed to help in registering and identifying the requirements of the needy. This was then verified and approved for delivery to the needy.

The quantum of the needy was unprecedented as Kuwait clamped down hoping that the spread of the virus would abate. As the days, weeks and months passed the situation only got more difficult with little respite in sight. ICSG however continued to provide food ration kits during the most difficult times in the hope of alleviating the suffering of a very large number of people.

As Kuwait enters the fourth-stage of a return back to normal, several thousands are still feeling the impact due to their loss of livelihood and ICSG continues to support and reach out to all sections so that nobody goes hungry. All members of the committee representing the diverse ethos of India have joined hands and embarked on this unprecedented path of helping their fellow countrymen.

It is this remarkable act of sharing and helping each other during adverse times that has raised the moral consciousness of the entire community. ICSG is proud and honored to have had the opportunity in serving the India community in their time of need.


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