About 2,000 Kuwaitis undergo PCR tests daily at two centers.

Medical teams continue with random field surveys

As part of the efforts to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, the Ministry of Health has been working on several axes to besiege this deadly virus. Medical teams have been continuing with the random field surveys to monitor any cases of infection in residential areas and labor accommodations.

Meanwhile, other teams are using all their energies to conduct rapid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) checks on citizens while they are inside their vehicles in the parking lot of Jazeera Airways and Jaber Stadium. Also, the third center for COVID- 19 testing has been opened in Sabhan area, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily monitored the environment in the parking lot of Al-Jazeera Airways, and noticed an increase in the number of those wishing to undergo the checks, compared to when the rapid inspection service began in early June. This is due to the citizens’ desire to travel abroad, with the resumption of commercial air movement since early August. Conducting COVID-19 tests for the large numbers of citizens in the parking lots of Al-Jazeera Airways did not take a long time, as the high level of organization played an important role in accelerating the pace of completion. The tests did not require the motorist and those accompanying him to disembark due to the health requirements in force at the rapid screening center.

Citizens praised the efforts exerted by the medical and nursing staff at the COVID-19 rapid examination centers, affirming that these great efforts deserve praise and appreciation, especially as they work under difficult climatic conditions in light of the high temperatures and humidity. They stressed the need to establish more such centers that provide the same services, given the increase in the number of those wishing to undergo COVID-19 examinations.

This coincides with the reduced restrictions in most countries and the desire of citizens to travel for various reasons. Therefore, this requires intensifying the efforts and issuing the required PCR certificates for most destinations. In a related context, a member of the coordination team at the COVID-19 auto service examination centers Dr Hassan Ashour said the examination center at the Al-Jazeera Airways parking lot receives about 1,000 citizens every day. He affirmed the keenness of the medical staff working at the center to overcome obstacles and accelerate the pace of work while conducting COVID-19 checks.

Dr Ashour indicated that the examination center in Jaber Stadium also receives about 1,000 citizens daily during the period from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. He indicated that the number of visitors to the two centers has increased recently after the commercial aviation operations resumed in early August. Dr Ashour explained that the two centers receive citizens who wish to undergo PCR examinations to obtain the certificates required from them in the countries to which they will visit within days. However, there is a discrepancy in the requirements of some countries regarding the validity of the examination result, as some of them require that it be done within 72 hours prior to travel and other countries require 96 hours. There are also countries that do not require a certificate to prove the visitor is free from COVID- 19 disease.

The rapid examination centers also receive cases of those who came in contact with COVID-19 victims. The preventive health centers receive them first and prepare lists of their names. The data is sent to the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) and the communication companies, which in turn notify the concerned person via text message about the need to go to the examination centers in either Al-Jazeera Airways parking area or Jaber Stadium.

The two centers also receive citizens who book reservations through the curfew permits application. The time required for completing all stages of the examination from health registration to conducting the coronavirus examination does not exceed 25 minutes from the time the references enter the examination site. During this time, the citizen and those with him are not required to step out of their vehicle.

The results of the tests are sent within 48 hours or less to the person concerned. Also, the certificate of proof of absence of infection is sent via text message to the citizen who underwent the examination.

Ashour revealed that work is underway for the completion of a similar rapid COVID-19 examination center in Sabhan area, in order to contribute to accelerating the pace of conducting checks, especially with the resumption of commercial air traffic, adding that citizens are required to bring a passport copy and travel ticket so that the results of the examination can be issued to them.

Source- Arab Times.

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