Number of vacancies listed in contract clause in 33 govt agencies reaches 12,230.

‘Education’ to fill vacant supervisory positions

The Ministry of Education has finally decided to announce vacancies for the supervisory positions in various sectors, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The daily quoting reliable sources said these positions have remained vacant for a long time.

The five vacant supervisory positions, include the Department of Coordination and Followup in Public Education, which has remained vacant for a while following the consequent delay in decisions. Educational sources told the daily the ministry will soon address the Civil Service Commission to fill the vacancies for general managers in three educational areas, including the Capital, Al-Jahra and Mubarak Al-Kabeer, in addition to the appoint the Director of Private Education which has been vacant for many years despite the importance of this central educational administration as it represents a large sector.

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The sources indicated that the ministry has a list of vacant supervisory positions in all sectors of the ministry that have not been filled for a long time although several candidates who meet the conditions for their employment in the ministry are available such as Director of the Department of Special Education and the Director of the Department Coordination which have been vacant for years although candidates who meet the conditions are available.

The sources warned against favoritism in hiring people in supervisory positions, ignoring people who are experienced and competent and adhering to the ‘this is my son’ approach.

Meanwhile, the State’s final account statement revealed that the number of vacancies listed under the contract clause in 33 government agencies by the end of the last fiscal year reached 12,230 and 89 percent of these vacancies are concentrated in the Ministry of Education with about 10,890, reports Al-Rai daily.

In detail, the number of vacancies at the Amiri Diwan reached 113; four in the State Audit Bureau; 16 in the Supreme Council for Planning and Development; 69 in the Public Administration at the Ministry of Finance; eight in the General Administration of Customs; 34 in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry; 39 in the Ministry of Justice; six in the Ministry of Defense; 224 in the National Guard; 10,891 in the Ministry of Education; 86 in the Ministry of Higher Education; 535 in the Ministry of Health; 30 in the Ministry of Public Works; nine in the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL); and 166 in the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Source- Arab Times.

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