Electricity load index soars due to high temperature, humidity

The rise in temperature and humidity on Monday led to the increase in the electrical load index to 14,768 thousand megawatts. The highest load for this year was 14,778 thousand megawatts on July 20, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The Ministry of Electricity and Water withdrew 25 million gallons of water from the strategic reserve to cover the difference between consumption that reached 483 million gallons while the production that was recorded was 458 million imperial gallons.

Informed sources at the ministry indicated that the electricity loads and consumption of water are expected to rise during the summer as temperatures rise, especially during the current conditions imposed by the corona pandemic and the inability of a large number of citizens and residents to travel as is the practice during each year.

It is reassuring that electricity production exceeds current consumption, as it has reached 19,000 megawatts of electricity and water stations can produce 3,782,181 imperial gallons per day, but the current situation requires more awareness in the area of rationalization among citizens and residents to not put pressure on the electricity load.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Electricity and Water has obtained the approval of the Central Agency for Public Tenders recently to amend the tender amount to conduct maintenance and repair of the main transfer stations.

The ministry sources indicated that the ministry will be able to modernize and develop electrical transmission networks as one of the important elements in the network, and responsible for transferring energy from production stations to secondary distribution stations located within the regions and near homes to ensure these stations are in full readiness

Source : Arab Times


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