Guarantee system for private sector to safeguard employees rights

The Public Authority for Manpower is working to implement a guarantee system for private sector similar to government contracts, an amount of 250 KD is kept as a deposit to preserve the rights of the worker, which is reimbursed only when employee/worker has left the country.

The commission investigates complaints received by the Department of Labor and summons the sponsor and takes legal measures against him, starting with stopping the file if the salaries are not paid with the coordination of the Ministry of Interior by referring the file to the Public Prosecution and then to the Criminal Court to take the necessary measures.
Through administrative legal measures the rights of the company is then restored.

The sources stated that this step would achieve job security for employment also it would deal with visa trading of marginal workers from abroad.

The issue of non payment of salaries to their workers and registering complaints with the Department of Labor Relations at the Authority has become the most common feature reports Al Qabas. The majority of complaints are filed from the 1st March to 30th June which are related to monthly salaries not paid or indemnity issue.

Source : Arab Times

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