This Google Drive rival wants you to upload your files and just forget about it

Cloud storage firm Dropbox is revamping the way users share files. The Google Drive and Apple iCloud rival is now making file sharing process easier than before by introducing a new feature called Dropbox Transfer. This has been in under tests since earlier this year and is now being rolled out to all the users. The firm states that while majority use Dropbox for collaborative sharing, Dropbox Transfer aims to bring the ‘send-it-and-forget-it’ solution to the forefront.

“Transfer is designed for times when you need to turn over large collections of final files to clients and other people outside your company,” states the blog post. The firm adds that ‘Transfer’ lets users send 100GB files ‘in just a few clicks’. They would have to simply select the files from the hard drive or Dropbox account to initiate the transfer. It is also possible to set an expiration date of files, password protect them or simply share the link with others if they are no on Dropbox. Once shared, the viewership stats will let you see how many times the file has been accessed.

Dropbox Transfer can be done from the desktop app, iOS app and website as well. In addition to this you get to customise the background design and logo that shows up when recipients view your transfers.

“Transfer is our answer to a common problem: Sometimes you simply want to hand off files. No giving people edit access to your originals, no links that let people download updates you make later—just, “Here are your files!” While email might work for a JPEG or two, collections of large multimedia files easily go well beyond the typical 25 MB attachment limit. And Dropbox shared links are best for when recipients need access to always up-to-date files,” adds the post.
Dropbox has been working hard to bring new features to users off lately. Last month, the cloud storage service increased the number of extensions so users can work more productively without switching apps every time. In July this year, it even introduced a feature that will bring back a file that is deleted by users by mistake.

Source : Times of India


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