Blaise Pascal said, “Nature is an infinite sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” ICSK Senior’s very own Nature Club contemplates environmental conservation and ventures toward widespread awareness, with its industrious team of spirited students led by the dedicated Mrs. Mariam Sam. The club has plunged into cultivating and fostering the campus garden on the school terrace. This has helped inculcate students with knowledge on gardening methodologies, the life cycles and survival of plants, and producing and harvesting fruit. Plants of different varieties are grown – including tomatoes, sweet potatoes and lady’s fingers, and medicinal plants.

The advent of winter impelled the crops in the garden of ICSK to bloom with promise. On the 21st of December, the Nature Club manifested its flourishing yield at the school assembly which accompanied the onset of Christmas. The Harvest was seen as a seasonal gift from Mother Nature.

The harvest was auctioned off energetically by Mr. Joel D’Souza, assisted by Mrs. Mariam Sam, Mrs. Jayabala Jayaram and Mr. Atiq Dhanse. The students and staff of ICSK participated in the auction enthusiastically. The stars of the event were what Mr. Joel crowned, “the three kings of vegetables – Fresh tomatoes, aubergines and bell-peppers.” In a very short time, three basketfuls of produce were sold out.

The Nature Club continues to instill students with a sense of civic responsibility toward nature, and emboldens students to be part of the solution in the ever-growing environmental problem. Students witness the painstaking rewards from Nature and joyously revitalize the ecosystem. When we invest our efforts on Mother Nature, the fruits of our labour will always be paid back in full.


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