Elephant, Calf Enter Coimbatore House. No Food, They Leave

An elephant and a young calf entered a house in Coimbatore’s Periyanaickenpalayam neighbourhood on Thursday night in search of food. Their hunt for food was caught on a CCTV camera which shows the two animals loitering around what appears to be the courtyard of the house. In the video, the adult elephant enters the yard with the young one close behind. The two head towards a shed looking for food. With no food, the elephants leave the house roughly a minute later after inspecting the surroundings. There were no reports of any damage, news agency ANI said.

Watch the footage here

However, not all human-elephant encounters have been without violence as this one. India is home to the largest population of Asian elephants in the world. Unfortunately, at least 70% of those don’t have a viable habitat. As a result, they often come face-to-face with humans in states like Assam, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Karnataka. On average, 100 humans are killed every year in India. Elephants too have been killed, sometimes brutally, in the conflict. In a photo that went viral, a mother and baby elephant were set on fire and attacked by an angry mob in Bankura district of West Bengal. The photo titled “hell is here” by Biplab Hazra won him the wildlife photographer of the year award.



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