Telangana Youth Leader Beats Up Wife, Caught On Camera

A shocking video from Telangana shows a young woman being beaten brutally by a man, who has been identified as a youth leader from the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi. The woman is his second wife, Sangeetha Reddy.

In the video which is being widely circulated, Srinivas Reddy, 30 is seen thrashing the woman, dragging her by the hair and throwing her on the floor. Several others are standing around, but no one made any attempt to help her. One woman is seen dragging Sangeetha off by her hair and slamming her against a door.

Sangeetha’s brother and another unidentified person shooting the video were also seen assaulted by Srinivas Reddy.

The youth leader, a resident of Hyderabad’s Boduppal area, had married Sangeetha in 2011. The couple has a two-year-old daughter. In the video, Sangeetha ‘s mother is seen holding the baby.

Sangeetha Reddy told the police that her husband has married a third time without divorcing her, informing her or taking her consent. He assaulted her when she protested about it.

The person he married also happens to be a minor, who has gone to live with her mother, Sangeetha said.

A case has been filed against Srinivas Reddy, who has been charged with attempt to murder and criminal intimidation.

Sangeetha Reddy had earlier filed a complaint with the police, saying she was being harassed for dowry and that her in-laws were unhappy that she had given birth to a daughter.


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