Caught On Camera: Caged Tiger Bites Hand Of Elderly Man Feeding It

A man learned the hard way that feeding tigers by hand is never a good idea. In the Henan county of China yesterday, a caged circus tiger clutched on to a local man’s hand when he put it inside its cage. The tiger refused to let go of the man’s hand for over three painful minutes. The harrowing incident was caught on camera.

According to the Shanghaiist, the unnamed elderly man reached inside the tiger’s cage to feed it bits of meat. It was then that the big cat bit down on his hand and refused to let go, even as others around the cage poked it with a stick. When the tiger finally released its victim, he fell down on the ground unconscious.

You can watch the whole incident here. (Warning: Graphic content, viewer discretion advised)

According to the Mirror, the big cat belongs to a travelling circus which had parked their animals on a public square in preparation for the evening’s show.

The elderly man was taken to the hospital with his mangled hand. While it is not known whether doctors will be able to save his hand, he is expected to survive and recover.


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