Tourism minister KJ Alphons’ beef comment has everyone talking on Twitter

Newly appointed Minister of State for Tourism, Alphons Kannanthanam has a food tip for foreigners coming to India. “They (tourists) can eat beef in their own country and come here (India),” Alphons told when a reporter asked whether restrictions on consumption of beef in several states in the country will adversely affect the tourism industry. Soon the minister’s comment got everyone talking on the Internet and as the news spread, KJ Alphons started trending on Twitter.

Soon after his induction, Alphons had said that there will be no country-wide ban on beef, people of each place will decide. Many people took notice of his earlier statement made only a few days ago. “We can go much much beyond Incredible India. We want to create an India where we love ourselves, love a clean India and its history. Then we tell the world, come and see us,” the 1979-batch IAS officer earlier told the Indian Express.

Many called it “absurd” and “sad” and said it would affect India’s image and hamper ‘our hospitality industry.’ Many people wondered what would be the implication of this statement.

Many also thought it was quite ironic that visitors in India couldn’t eat beef, while the country is one of the largest exporters of cow meat.

Many cracked jokes and asked the minister if he was trying to promote beef export, while others thought this would give a push to Kerala tourism and boost tourism for other places where beef consumption is not banned.

However, many users argued that people visiting India, do not come here for beef so, this would not have any impact on tourism.


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