Mr. Mustafa Hamza – Man with a mission to practice ethical medical treatments

Mr. Mustafa Hamza, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Metro Medical Group in Kuwait is more popular among Indians and other Nationals in Kuwait as Hamza Payyanoor for his selfless dedicated social services he has been rendering for the expat population in their critical times since last 20 years. Mr. Hamza Payyanoor hails from a small town called Kadannappally in Kannur district in Kerala and has been living in gulf countries for the last 34 years.  He has been always in forefront doing various kinds of social service activities through a well known largest expat Social Service organisation in Kuwait. To mention some of his core activities,  that several years back he initiated his efforts in sending the dead remains of the expats including Indians and other nationals to their home countries. He has extended his helping hand in sending hundreds of remains of the dead to their home countries.  

In the past the remains of the dead used to be in Kuwait morturies for several weeks.  But now Mr. Hamza says that with the help and great support from the Kuwait Police and  Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health,  Govt. of India and Indian Embassy authorities in Kuwait,  these  efforts have proved in  such a way that now the remains of the dead are being sent to their home countries within 24 hours or sometimes even within few hours. Social service is a passion for Mr. Hamza and he has helped hundreds of people with petty issues to come out from the Jails or to come out from the Police Stations.  He has been helping hundreds of patients in the hospitals.

Mr. Hamza is also the Chief of the News Bearue of Jeevan TV in Kuwait acting as the voice for voiceless for expat Indians in Kuwait conveying their concerns to the respective government authorities in India.  In recognition to his great services to the needy people, Mr. Hamza has been honored  with “Garshom International Award” and “Gulf Malayali  Excellency Award”.. and many more great awards were given to him by his well wishers. These awards made him socially more responsible,  his passion and inclination towards Social Service  made Mr. Hamza Payyanoor to initiate the health based services in Kuwait through Metro Medical Care which is famous for its One KD Consultation fees for general patients.

As part of featuring successful Indian personalities in Kuwait, Q8INDIA.COM talks to Mr. Hamza in an exclusive interview.

  Q: What made you to start medical care services in Kuwait? How involved are you in overseas?

Mr. Hamza: After working in  KFH for almost 10 years, I was offered a job as regional head for one of the medical company in Kuwait. After working for this company, later I decided to setup my own medical group from where I planned to do the community services by providing ethical medial services, what I mean is: we should be able to provide medical services with minimum possible fee to the patients irrespective of what financial status they come from. With this in mind we started Metro Medical Centre  and we set consultation fee for general patients as just One Kuwaiti Dinar.

In Metro Medical Care, we always advise our doctors not to suggest or prescribe any tests unless it is necessary, for example if someone comes with the chest pain or heart related issues, we first make sure that  it is not gas related issues which is most common, then only we take up other test and necessary procedures.

With the blessing of God and as a result of our dedicated staff, today Metro Medical Care Group has two branches, one in Farwaniya near Crowne Plaza and second one is  in Salmiya block 10. Our clinics offer services in General Medicine, Cardiology, Dental, Gynecology, Orthopedic, Dermatology, ENT,  Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatric, Radiology. Laboratory and Pharmacy.

Q: What kind of medical services  you provide and how do you ensure that your center delivers the best medical care for every patient, do you extend your services to corporate companies? 

 Mr. Hamza: Our vision is to give Ethical, Quality and Hygienic standard services for our patients with minimum fee possible.  With this aim we offer One KD consultation fee for everyone for general patients. Our employees including doctors are trained to give ethical medical services.

On a side note, I would like to tell that, some poor patients come to our clinic with only one KD in hand and they say that, they have heard  Metro clinic charge only one KD for treatment, for such people we even do the testing and medical examinations a for free.

Yes,  we are extending our services also to corporate companies, recently we have signed up with Cooperative societies and some corporate companies as well in Kuwait,  even top management from those companies also visit our clinic for regular medical checkups.

Our motto is not to make Metro Medical Care as a business house, I take  this  opportunity as a way to serve the humanity.  People like Metro Medical Care because of our Quality services, Hygiene environment and world class new medical equipment.

Q: Talk about any collaboration efforts you have spearheaded with other provider organizations, physicians, business or insurers to improve the community health status?

 Mr. Hamza: Whenever we get requests from Indian community associations in Kuwait, we assist them in organizing FREE medical camps, we provide various kind of free tests in those medical camps, we have seen many deserving people getting benefited from these medical camps. We also send our doctors and medical staff for this kind of medical camps which are often conducted for low waged expatriate communities. So far we have given  FREE treatments to around 13281 daily wage earning people with very poor financial background in this kind of medical camps.

Q: Discuss your efforts to promote disease prevention and wellness.

 Mr. Hamza: During all these time in medical field, we have seen that, seventy five percent people come to hospitals with health complaints which are not serious in nature,  in fact they are related to stress issues which can be treated by changing life style, they don’t have to go to hospitals for such issues.  My message to everyone is that,  Lead a simple and purposeful life, after professional working hours give complete time to your family, Try to be positive in your life. Also take care of your food habits, avoid sugar and tea as much as possible, eat healthy food. If possible do jogging or walking in the evening time. I wish everyone a very good health. 

Q: Most of the people know about your professional life and career, So tell us something about your personal life and your journey to Kuwait.

Mr. Hamza: I’m born in a small town called Kadannappally in Kannur district in Kerala. My father was a well respected person in my town. I started my professional career in Gold business, I did gold business for almost 20 years. My second professional life started in Gulf, initially I worked in UAE for some time and then moved to Kuwait and joined Kuwait Finance House company.

 Q: Your Indian Independence day message to the Indian community please.

Mr. Hamza: On the occasion of this 71st Indian Independence day, I would like to say that we became independent from British rule 70 years back,  but India is still enslaved to communal and political slavery, I request all Indians to wake up to the reality and we all should start respecting the diversity of India and try to live in harmony. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ameer of Kuwait, H.E. Shiekh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah for his great humanitarian contributions. May god bless him with good health. May God bless Kuwait and its beloved Nationals.

I would also like to thank Indian Embassy in Kuwait for their excellent service to the Indian expatriate communities. I congratulate the leadership of H.E. Shri Sunil Jain and his amazing team for their tireless services they are rendering to the community.  We are happy to note that Indian Embassy in Kuwait has made a remarkable progress in recent times enhancing the Kuwait – India Bilateral, Trade & Economic Relations.  Their consular services are also much better compared to previous years.

I wish everyone peace,  and Happy Independence day, May God bring peace and happiness to all Indians living in Kuwait, India and worldwide.

Finally I thank my partners because METRO has become a success due to the strong support and good team work of our valuable partners Dr. Ahmad Al-Azmi, Mr. Ibrahim, Dr. Biji Basheer and Mr. Muhammed Ali.



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